A non-profit organisation providing high quality pro-bono legal aid
to displaced persons in and around the area of Thessaloniki, Greece.

If you need legal aid for yourself and your family and you are in Greece, click here.


Our team of trained lawyers and interpreters is working relentlessly to assist asylum seekers and migrants in the course of their asylum procedure.

We believe that every individual should be able to take well-informed decisions during their asylum process. This means the right to legal assistance and the right to accurate and up to date information regardless of their social positioning.

They talk about us:

Street work

Unregistered migrants have no access to legal aid. To address their need, our team is providing support through street work on a weekly basis.

Legal Clinics

Our team is holding legal clinics in premises made available by partner organisations, with an open-door policy.

Individual Legal Counselling

Beneficiaries can make an appointment to receive individual counselling for specific legal requests such as asylum interview preparation.

Call to Action

Together We Can Provide Legal Aid To Displaced Persons And Defend The Right To Asylum