Latest news from current events and policy changes regarding EU migration and  asylum

4th June, 2022

Mobile info team report:
Blocked from the System focuses on the experiences of people seeking asylum on mainland Greece, Crete and Rhodes since the policy changes in late November 2021.

The EU funded Emergency Support to Integration and Accommodation programme (ESTIA) continues to unravel. Trial on Syros, arrests in Thessaloniki and pushbacks in Evros illustrates how Greece ‘welcomes’ people in need of protection.
8th, May 2022
Pushed beyond the limits. “The scale and normalisation of pushbacks at Europe’s borders requires urgent and concerted action by governments and parliamentarians”, said today Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
«Libération» revient sur un refoulement forcé qui a visé une ressortissante française pour la première fois. Sa famille et ses avocats ont porté plainte contre la Grèce et envisagent de le faire contre la France.

Fabrice Leggeri, le directeur de Frontex, démissionne à la suite d’une enquête de l’Office de lutte antifraude de l’UE portant notamment sur des cas présumés illégaux de refoulement de migrants.

Frontex, l’agence européenne de gardes-frontières, a maquillé des renvois illégaux de migrants en mer Egée.

Les migrations contemporaines ne sont pas différentes de celles bien plus anciennes, invasions Viking ou saxons, accroissement d’Empires (Rome ou aujourd’hui la domination Russe).
Though the current Greek government has launched policies to welcome refugees from Ukraine, the same cannot be said for refugees from other world regions and migrants.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Greek government ministers and MPs have spread false claims about refugees and international law. While experts, the UNHCR, and EU data refute their claims and more allegations are reported regarding Greece’s illegal pushbacks of asylum seekers.

« Des pays qui refusaient l’application de la protection temporaire en 2015 sont aujourd’hui en première ligne de l’accueil » Interview de Marie-Christine Vergiat, ancienne députée européenne
Le séisme et le choc provoqués par l’invasion de l’Ukraine ont eu pour contre-coup de jeter une lumière crue sur la guerre menée par Poutine en Syrie à partir de 2015.
« Au cours de l’année écoulée, la Commission européenne a reçu des plaintes, des questions et des lettres successives concernant la légalité de l’application du concept de « pays tiers sûr » en Grèce.
L’Europe multiplie les gestes de générosité à l’égard des exilés ukrainiens. Mais cet immense élan de solidarité, dont il faut se réjouir, masque la poursuite de pratiques indignes qui, sur d’autres frontières du continent, mettent des vies en danger.
La procédure d’asile grecque en chiffres : la plupart des demandeurs d’asile sont éligibles pour une protection internationale en 2021
Grèce : la nouvelle politique d’asile aggrave l’errance des migrants
L’État dépense un demi-milliard d’euros d’argent public par an pour harceler quelques milliers d’exilés.
4 février 2022

Migrations : Il faut mettre fin à « la politique qui ne génère que maltraitance et violence », créée par les accords du Touquet.

1er février 2022
Time limit for ECHR applications reduced to four months.

EU: Number of irregular migrants back to pre-pandemic levels, says Frontex

UNHCR issues recommendations to the 2022 French and Czech Presidencies of the Council of the EU


In 2021, an NGO counts 629 cases of illegal refoulements in the Greek islands

Afghans in Greece Feel Abandoned After Getting Asylum

Fortress Europe increasingly stingy on asylum


N. Mitarakis confirms the disappearance of 25,000 rescued in the Aegean

The more vulnerable, the more exposed the refugees

Malakasa – The first closed refugee structure was inaugurated in mainland Greece

Turks fleeing Erdogan regime forced back as they cross into Greece

Frontex Denies ‘Expelling’ Migrant Watchdog Team from Greek Border

 Joint statement by 19 organisations active on refugee issues in Greece

Fortress Europe: the millions spent on military-grade tech to deter refugees

Greece: migrants between doubt and hope after the visit of Pope Francis to Lesbos

Mistaken for a migrant, a Frontex interpreter is beaten and deported by the Greek police

Brussels: € 325 million in Turkey for refugees

According to Greek authorities, unrecognized refugees cannot return to Turkey

The right to asylum in the context of « instrumentalisation » – lessons from Greece

Who is affected by the truth of the illegal deportations ?

Detained and Forgotten at the Gates of the EU, Detention of Migrants on the Island of Kos

Greece accused of ‘biggest pushback in years’ of stricken refugee ship


Against migrants, always more technology

Prisons in paradise: Refugees detentions in Greece raise alarm

ARSIS: 194 unaccompanied minors found in the streets of Thessaloniki


Revealed: The UE-funded pushback operations violently forcing asylum seekers across borders

Greece: Nea Kavala, an isolated camp “where a concrete wall cuts off the sound and blocks the view”


Ambassador in limbo makes plea for Afghans to be allowed into UE


EU: Tracking the Pact: Member state comments on the proposed Asylum and Migration Management Regulation

Europe is politicising Afghan refugees instead of helping them 

Council of Europe slams Greece’s deportations and returns bill


Seriously injured Syrian refugee by fire in Evros

UN warns of up to 500,000 more Afghan refugees by year-end

Greece says Turkey continues to block returns of illegal migrants 

24, June 2021

Greek police arrest Dutch journalist for helping Afghan asylum seeker

24, June 2021

EU to support Turkey with another € 3.5 billion for refugees 


A big setback in integration: The cut in aid to asylum seeker


16, June 2021

From 17/6  replacement of DADP from the new PGA cards of Thessaloniki

9, June 2021

MSF: 456 children in Lesvos migrant camp have been treated for mental health problems


EU sends mixed message on Turkey as ‘safe’ haven

31, May 2021

In post-pandemic Europe, migrants will face digital fortress

29, May 2021

In the face of migration, the limits and excesses of Fortress Europe


Migration lawsuit launched against EU’s border agency

12, May 2021

Greek authorities should investigate allegations of pushbacks and ill-treatment of migrants

10, May 2021

“We call it ‘modernization’” – reception centers for migrants will be ‘closed’ facilities



Frontex ‘mislabelling minors as adults’ on Greek islands

05, May 2021

Revealed: 2,000 refugee deaths linked to illegal EU pushbacks

29, April 2021

Thessaloniki: 128 people in five months appealed to the social service of ARSIS



Greek camps for asylum seekers to introduce partly automated surveillance systems

8, April 2021

The EU-Turkey deal, five years on: A frayed and controversial but enduring blueprint


April 2021

Data and new technologies, the hidden face of mobility control 


17, March 2021

Greek Government instructed by European Court of Human Rights to guarantee rights of 3 LCL clients: An indictment of reception conditions in Lesvos

16, March 2021

5 Years of violence and misery under the EU-Turkey Deal


March 2021

The EU Pact on Migration and Asylum in light of the United Nations Global Compact on Refugees

5, March 2021

Re: The Guardian (Reads in English)

Greece: Thousands of migrants at risk of homelessness as EU scheme ends

December 2020

The widening gap in migrant
protection in the Mediterranean

23, February 2021

Greece: Residents in Lesbos rally in solidarity for migrants 

4, February 2021

Re: Statewatch (Reads in English)

Frontex: Management Board pushed back against secrecy proposals in preliminary report

1, February 2021

Re: Legal Centre Lesvos (Reads in English)

Greece accused of committing crimes against humanity at its borders

28, January 2021

Re: European Court of Human Rights (Reads in English)

Annual Report with an overview of statistics on judgements, pending cases, violations by subject matter and country

19, January 2021

Re: The Guardian (Reads in English)

EU border force head faces calls to quit over allegations he ‘misled’ MEPs

19, January 2021

Re: Parapolitika (Reads in Greek)

A total of 2,565 migrants returned voluntarily to their countries from Greece in 2020

18, January 2021

Re: Statewatch(Listens in English)

Frontex director accused of misleading parliament over fundamental rights obligations

18, January 2021

Re: ProtoThema (Reads in Greek)

Greece: from an outsider to Europe’s favorite in refugee management; 80% less migrants in 2020

14, January 2021

Re: RSA (Reads in Greek)

Refugee support aegean on lack of medical care to migrants detained at pre-removal centers amidst the pandemic

14, January 2021

Re: YouTube (Listens in English)

Greece submits request for return of 1,450 failed asylum seekers to Turkey

12, January 2021

Re: Ekathemerini (Reads in English)

Migration ministry to speed up plan for new Chios camp after court ruling

7, January 2021

Re: The New Humanitarian (Reads in English)

Even as lockdowns, travel restrictions and hardline policies saw a precipitous drop in asylum claims, application backlogs have piled up

14, December 20210

Re: InfoMigrants (Reads in English)

Migrants: 18 Associations ask EU to abandon hotspot centers

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